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I'm delighted to answer any questions you may have via email but here are some common questions I get all the time.  Maybe someone else has asked what you're curious about....


Orders are usually boxed the day the order is placed if placed before 5pm EST.  Orders placed after 5pm are boxed the following day.  We are closed on Sundays.  If you need something rushed just call me after you place your order....don't wait too long sometimes I'm quick and box and ship rite away.


Jewelry shipping is through the United States Post Office.  I box and mail in bubble mailers and I track the packages.  If you need to know the tracking number please let me know and I'll email it to you.

Do they break?

Fish Hospital

How fragile are the pieces?  Well, this is an easy one...they are all glass and generally glass doesn't like to be dropped on the floor, especially if it's tile.  Normal wear will not damage our pieces, the colors won't fade or come off.  We recommend taking the pieces off over your bed that way if they fall down they land on a soft surface and don't break.  If they do break we do have a FISH HOSPITAL and do repairs...see below.

FISH HOSPITAL - since all our pieces are made of glass, accidents happen.  If you have a sick fish, please put it back in it's little cardboard box with all the broken bits and a bit of either bubble wrap or tissue so the pieces don't rattle.  Mail them to me at 81902 Overseas Highway, Islamorada, FL  33036.  Please be sure to include your name, contact phone number, return address, any notes like if you would like it set from a certain direction after repaired plus $10 for the repair and $5 for return shipping.  In Florida, please include sales tax for a total of $15.75.  The hospital usually takes about 2 weeks.  Once we have repaired your baby we will mail it back to you.

Are they clear?

ARE THEY REALLY CLEAR?  Yes, almost all of my pendants are clear.  The colors will change with the background.  Golds and oranges and hot pinks tend to be more opaque while blues, greens and purples are more transparent.  Our pieces will change colors with what you wear them on top of and even glow like they have a light inside them.

What makes them glow?

WHAT MAKES THEM GLOW LIKE THAT?  All my jewelry and most of my art pieces are made from DICHROIC glass.  Dichroic means two colors.  There's a coating on the surface of the glass that reflects and refracts different wavelengths of light.  The light reflection makes the pieces literally look like they have a light on inside of them!  I love the stuff and can't get enough! 

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